Vanessa Berry on Grace Cossington Smith

Part of a series of new perspectives on portraiture commissioned for Archie Plus

Grace Cossington Smith

The window

oil on hardboard
Gift of Graham and Judy Martin 2014, assisted by the Australian Masterpiece Fund
© Estate of Grace Cossington Smith

One type of weather is meteorological– the clear or cloudy sky or the wind that moves the trees. The other is inside us – our moods that shift like the angles of sunlight across a room. Sometimes, in quiet moments, we can observe both. The familiar objects of our room surround us as we look through the window, to a scene that is external but no less a part of us. As we send our thoughts out towards the sky, the yellow cloth draped over the chair glows with a hopeful inner light.

Vanessa Berry is an Australian writer who is often inspired by the view from her window

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