Studio A: creating Love owls and mermaids singing in the rainbow pop

Watch Mathew Calandra, Emily Crockford, Annette Galstaun, Lauren Kerjan, Jaycee Kim, Catherine McGuiness, and Meagan Pelham of Studio A create an epic mural Love owls and mermaids singing in the rainbow pop 2020 on the largest single wall at the Art Gallery of New South Wales as part of Archie Plus.

Painted by the seven artists across two weeks in October 2020, the mural tells their distinct personal stories of care and connection. And by combining those stories to create an electrifying whole, it offers a radically optimistic vision of how individual voices can come together.

Each artist portrays a person or a being who has supported and inspired them during 2020. There are self-portraits with fellow artists and writers. There are pictures of friends, family and pets. And there are imaginative companions, among them a high-flying mermaid and a brightly haloed guardian angel. The mightiest of these imaginary beings are Meagan Pelham’s ‘love owls’, which rise through the entire scene and survey the Gallery’s entrance court with wisdom and kindness.

On view until February 2021. Commissioned for Archie Plus, a celebration of portraiture and the power of community.

This project was realised with the generous support of the Anita & Luca Belgiorno-Nettis Foundation