The Communication Deck

Hyper-linked is an exhibition for the digital realm, presenting new projects by seven contemporary Australian artists. Each artist is alert to the almost paradoxical fact that we are experiencing mass disconnect in an age of hyper-connectivity.

Like her peers, Kate Mitchell examines the role the internet plays in shaping our lives and the ways in which we communicate, bearing witness and paying tribute to our networked selves.

Welcome to The Communication Deck.

The Communication Deck is an online oracle. It offers a single card reading that will help you get in touch with your higher self. Approach the deck with a specific question or simply an open mind.

Take three deep conscious breaths.

The card you receive will illuminate the present moment and provide insight into your query.

Click shuffle and, when ready, click reveal.


26. Speech

If you have received this card today, it is an invitation to be conscious of what you are saying. Words carry power. Like moths to a flame, people gather to hear what you have to say right now. Your voice carries a message and the tone delivers the feeling. That lingers. Be a source of truth and mental nourishment please. The minds and hearts of the people around you need it.

This is not the time to be on-brand
Be on purpose

Kate Mitchell

born Sydney 1982. Lives and works Sydney

The Communication Deck 2020

interactive online oracle deck, copic ink on paper, text, adapted plug-in
Courtesy the artist

An Art Gallery of New South Wales Together In Art New Work 2020 © Kate Mitchell
Supported by the Tindale Foundation


I love astrology memes. I know they’re naff – superficial character profiling to solicit lols and likes – but sometimes they just make you feel seen. In moments of chaos and turmoil, it can be cathartic to self-identify with a star-sign stereotype and suspend your belief in free will for just a second. Of course that [misc personal crises] makes me nervous. I’m a Virgo.

There’s an astrology app called Co-Star I use. It gives daily horoscopes but also allows you to connect with friends, access their charts and gauge your compatibility. Stargazing for the socially networked.

I – Virgo sun, Leo moon – go through phases of ignoring the updates and engaging. I know it’s an algorithmic charade (how accurate can an ‘AI powered’ app be?) but sometimes I appreciate the advice. ‘Do push-ups. Don’t post a video’. Noted.

Even if you don’t believe in astrology, the app makes you pause and reflect. At its most earnest, it asks us to be aware of how we move through the world. It encourages self-compassion. ‘Don’t succumb to despair. It’ll pass’. What’s wrong with that? We should be more careful with ourselves and others. Does it matter how we get there? I feel the same about Kate’s Communication Deck. It’s generous because it’s generative. If at times a little rogue.

— Isobel Parker Philip