I want to believe

Hyper-linked is an exhibition for the digital realm, presenting new projects by seven contemporary Australian artists. Each artist is alert to the almost paradoxical fact that we are experiencing mass disconnect in an age of hyper-connectivity.

Like his peers, JD Reforma examines the role the internet plays in shaping our lives and the ways in which we communicate, bearing witness and paying tribute to our networked selves.

JD Reforma

born Sydney 1988. Lives and works Sydney

I want to believe 2020

HD video, sound
Production: Motel Picture Company
Courtesy the artist

An Art Gallery of New South Wales Together In Art New Work 2020 © JD Reforma
Supported by the Tindale Foundation


Precarity is threaded through all accounts of intimate partner violence; people surviving at the thresholds of love and fear, hope and doubt. I made this work because I’ve been thinking about people confined with abusers, reflecting on my last relationship and how I might have navigated a lockdown.

I chose to film on my rooftop because it’s a liminal space – a boundary between home and the heavens, confinement and escape, doubt and deliverance. Writing becomes an embodied, broadcast performance, articulating a choreography of control in which hope is harm, and signs are sirens.

I was going to buy him an X-Files poster for his birthday before we broke up – a blurry UFO hovering above a phrase spelled out in capital letters: I WANT TO BELIEVE.

— JD Reforma

If you or someone else is in danger call 000. Further reading and resources:

ACON is a NSW-based organisation that help LGBTIQ+ people who have experienced domestic and family violence by providing a range of resources and support services, alongside other community health, inclusion and HIV responses for people of diverse sexualities and genders.

Through the Safe Relationships Project, the Inner City Legal Centre (ICLC) provides court and other legal assistance to LGBTIQ+ people who are experiencing or leaving an abusive relationship.

The Trans Health Research team have distributed preliminary findings from the ‘Resilience and support in the Trans community during COVID-19’ survey, including data about participants living with someone who made them feel unsafe, and those experiencing financial hardship and mental health difficulties.

In their Submission to the Australian Senate Inquiry into Australia’s response to COVID-19, Equality Australia surveyed 2,427 LGBTIQ+ Australians on the impacts of COVID-19, and 8% of respondents indicated they had experienced violence, abuse, harassment or controlling behaviour in the last 12 months from someone they currently live with. Trans and non-binary people were particularly at risk, accounting for approximately one third of those reporting domestic violence in the last 12 months.

Say It Out Loud, an ACON website dedicated to domestic and family violence

Donate to ACON

Donate to ICLC

The artist would like to thank Félix Delhomme and Eloise Layard of ACON for their support in compiling these resources.