From COVID to Canvas: a virtual tour by Verushka Darling

A night at the museum to be remembered forever!

On Wednesday 20th May 2020, legendary drag queen and culture connoisseur Verushka Darling sashayed behind the closed doors of the Art Gallery of New South Wales to lead a tour for these times – socially distant, but close to your arts.

Following on from her wildly popular Queer Art After Hours tours of the past four years, Sydney’s Verushka brought a new, quaran-tastic perspective to works in the Grand Courts and Modern Australian Galleries for nearly 9,000 viewers. By popular demand an encore screening was held on Wednesday 26th May with an additional 8,000 views of her wicked social satire providing some much needed comic relief from the pandemic. Above is a teaser from the full 20 minute tour.

‘How fabulous. the reinterpretation of the works is brilliant’

‘This will do the art scene a world of good!’

‘…this is too amazing. Verushka wins all of iso, everywhere. I’m gagging’

‘Best iso Wed eva!’

‘That’s marvellous. Worked even better than the tour in person!’

‘I hope this becomes part of the syllabus for future art history classes’.